About watercolour

mike jeffries

Watercolour painting is one of the most popular – and most challenging – of art forms.

About Watercolour by leading artist Mike Jeffries aims to bring this technique to life with passion and excitement, and an original approach that offers something different to other watercolour instruction books.

The basic premise is that it is very difficult to teach; someone to paint and many existing titles, with their emphasis on demonstrations and techniques, can be very intimidating for the amateur painter coming to watercolours for the first time.

Beautifully illustrated throughout and bringing to bear the author’s extensive experience and skill – particularly working with artists such as John Yardley, Alvaro Castagnet, David Howell, and Herman Pekel amongst others – About Watercolour offers a visual pathway through Mike’s own journey into watercolour painting.

The book showcases a broad range of the artist’s work some never seen before – and focuses on `learning by doing’ and giving valuable advice to the budding amateur.

This is not just an essential entry point to watercolours for the amateur artist, but showcases Mike’s unique talent as a leading watercolourist and instructor.